When are you launching?

The online boutique will launch in winter 2015. You can follow our progress on twitter (@BluestockingsBo) and on our website, bluestockingsboutique.com (which will be live in early autumn). Feel free to get in touch with any ideas, comments, or suggestions at jeanna@bluestockingsboutique.com.


Where did the idea for bluestockings come from?

Lingerie was an addiction a passion I (Jeanna) picked up in graduate school. And like most passions, it’s one that I wanted to share with my friends. I didn’t really enjoy shopping for clothes, but I loved shopping for lingerie and really, just talking about it with people.

But I was one of the only ones in my social circle who actually liked my underthings, and it quickly became apparent that this was tied up in the experience of acquiring them. As a femme-presenting white lesbian who wears sizes that just about every store stocks, I can expect to be treated like a potential customer when I walk into a store. A lot of my friends can’t say the same. Whether they are judged because of their presentation or because they aren’t sure whether a store will have their size, the experience of shopping for underthings is not safe, let alone enjoyable, for many people.

And I think that’s a problem.

We need an inclusive space that provides options for lingerie-wearing people who have been relegated to the margins by the mainstream lingerie industry (and mainstream fashion, more generally).

I founded Bluestockings to empower women who have been ignored and marginalized by the mainstream, to offer them an experience that reflects their identities, their bodies, and their values. I want people to be able to explore lingerie and underthings in a safe and supportive environment. Lingerie ties in to our confidence, identity, and sexuality in powerful ways. Being able to take ownership of what you wear, and being able to feel good about where you are buying something, is a big deal.

tl;dr: I see a need in my community. I want to fill it.


What is a bluestocking?

bluestocking, adj. or n. 

2a. Of, belonging, or relating to a series of assemblies or salons held c1750 by a group of London society ladies, notable for the informal dress worn by the male attendees and for the intellectual conversation engaged in by women and men equally….

b. Hence, of a woman: having or affecting tastes in a manner originally associated with the women of the bluestocking circle…. literary, scholarly, intellectual.

– Oxford English Dictionary

Bluestockings are interested in the world around them, not afraid to go against the grain, and, of course, are wicked smart.


Where is bluestockings based?

This question basically means “where do you live?” and the short answer is Boston. The specific answer is Somerville, a funky, crunchy town that borders Cambridge. The California-based company Urbane made a startlingly accurate map of Boston, and Somerville is basically the section labeled “Brunch, Grad Students, and Bergamot” in the upper left hand corner.




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